Deadlight! is a survival map I designed and built for Left 4 Dead 1 during the closed beta SDK testing for the Left 4 Dead Authoring Tools. It was tested by Valve several times and they provided some key feedback.

My issue with the official survival maps is that they're repurposed areas from the campaigns included with the game. I wanted a map that contained flow more comparable to faster games like Quake 3 or Team Fortress 2.

I also wanted to make the best place to hold out the highest ground with a wide view of the area, a king of the hill type scenario. The area also needed to be largely flat, with structures chaotically interacting to create a dynamic space. I settled on a street for this, using cars and larger vehicles to break the area up, creating locations for infected to swarm over cars and from around corners right into the survivors.

The areas are oversaturated with supplies, which creates interesting choices the survivors have to make, such as choosing to use the close resources or venturing out to use the farther away ones first.

All art assets are from Left 4 Dead except for the poster, which I made. Thanks to Ryan Gioia for critiques and fixing some issues on the poster.

Click here to download.

Extract to your Left 4 Dead/left4dead/addons directory.

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