"Both spacious sightlines and tight combat in a floating SDF shipyard orbiting Mars." - In-Game Description

Skydock is available in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Skydock came out of a piece of concept art Infinity Ward had sent us during Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's development of a construction dock for a spaceship. Their concept art inspired me to build the UNSA spawn and the rest of the map continued from there.

Worrying about stagnation, I re-evaluated my design process for Skydock and focused more on soft skills, changing the process to change the outcome. I didn't paper design much, preferring to sketch in the editor and see where ideas take me and refine them there. Paper designing forced me to pre-plan more and gave me a better foundation for my in editor explorations.

I knew I wanted the dock as the center lane, one of the lanes as the ship, and the last lane as some sort of rocket testing, and for each lane to have its own engagement lengths. I went for a mirrored layout to create a simpler map and I wanted the map to highlight the advanced movement features of Infinite Warfare. In addition to the level layout, I wrote a system for drones to buzz around (look out for the one at domination point C that hits its head on an exposed beam), the rocket test firing, and other elements around the map to make it feel alive.

The hidden wallruns and wallrunning on the backs of the floating panels were Dave Osei's suggestion and added a really unique flavor to the design.

Screenshots courtesy of CallOfDutyMaps.com.