"Both spacious sightlines and tight combat in a floating SDF shipyard orbiting Mars." - In-Game Description

Skydock is available in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Skydock came out of a piece of concept art Infinity Ward had sent us of a construction dock for an SDF spaceship. I thought their concept art was a good jumping point for a spawn area and built the UNSA spawn off of it.

I knew I wanted the dock as the center lane, one of the lanes as the ship, and the last lane as a rocket testing area, and for each lane to have its own engagement lengths. I went for a mirrored layout to create a simpler map, I wanted the map to highlight the advanced movement features of Infinite Warfare.

The wallruns all over the map were me exploring the wallrunning mechanic. I was on Call of Duty Online while the rest of the design team was on Black Ops 3, so I didn’t get to play with the wallrunning like they had while exploring level designs.

The hidden wallruns and wallrunning on the backs of the floating wallruns were a happy accident and added to the player agency while navigating the level.

Screenshots courtesy of CallOfDutyMaps.com.